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Check back to follow our adventures as we travel across Canada from Chilliwack, BC to Toronto, ON.

May 6, 2011:

Well it is 5:30 AM and just finished creating all of the's been a long day!!!  Going to get some sleep and hit the road in the afternoon.

May 6, 2011:

Just finishing up the final details then we are on the road!!!

Check back tonight to get some great pictures!

May 6, 2011: 12:00midnight

Just arrived in Revelstoke.  Stopping for the night.  Now we know why there are so many accidents through the mountains.  There are no lines on the road in most areas and with the rain it makes it difficult to see.  We will start again in the morning.
Price of gas in Revelstoke: $129.9/ltr!!
Thought it would get cheaper as we got closer to Alberta LOL
Here are some picture we took along the way...

May 7, 2011: 1:00am:

We are now in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  The weather was all over today with rain then sun then a horrible rainstorm (see 1st picture below) and back to sunshine.  The road around Golden has been widened so there are no more switchbacks!  Sure made for a beautiful drive through the area.  Saw a mama and baby bear between Golden and Banff.  Some pictures below...

We stopped in Banff for lunch/dinner. This was something cool we saw as we walked through town. 

nyway, so far so good.  The car is doing great.  We have had many people ask about our trip and the product.  It is all very exciting!  Counting down the days now until we meet the Dragons!

May 8, 2011;

Hey everyone!!  Well it has been a very long day.  Traveling through the Prairies is very tiring and soooooo boring!!  We took some pictures but I will post tomorrow as we want to get a good nights sleep.  We start our journey into Ontario tomorrow. 

  See FLAT!!!

We are spending the night in Virden, Manitoba, just west of Brandon.  We did not want to continue tonight due to the flooding in Manitoba.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there!

Good night.

May 9, 2011:

Well here we are in Kenora, ON.  The Prairies were incredibly boring and we are so glad that is over!  We had a car from BC pass us with a thumbs up!  Other than that there is not a lot of traffic in the flats.

We did go through Brandon where there was a state of emergency declared and there is a definite military presence.  By the time we hit Ontario the entire province of Manitoba had declared a state of emergency.  It is still raining there.

In Indian Head they were loading sandbags to disperse to Brandon and Portage Le Prairie.  Many roads to the south were closed and the police were out stopping people from going south.

Below is the Red River.  It is getting close to overflowing its banks.

It was nice to see some trees just before we entered Ontario, then as we entered it was almost like parts of BC with rocks and pine trees.

Almost lost our sign.  Paul is fixing it in the picture below.

Really tempted to ask to see the kitchen after a couple of the meals we have had.  LOL (Where is G
ordon Ramsey when you need him?)So far we have been able to keep a fresh Timmie's the whole way!  Gotta love that!

That's it for now!  Good night!

May 10, 2011:

Sorry No Post Tonight....Did Not Have Internet...

Here are the details anyway...

Ok so in the first 30 min in Ontario we saw more police than the rest of our drive so far.  The OPP really have it covered out here!

We had to get the tires replaced before leaving Kenora.  The roads in the prairies were really hard on the tires.  Never again will we complain about the condition of the roads in BC.  Oh and the speed limit out here…90kmh!!  Really, the roads are flat!  LOL


We saw deer in a yard behind the Timmie’s in Kenora.  We were about 10 feet away.


The signs kept telling us to watch for Moose, we didn’t see any all day…until around 10pm when we almost hit one.  He was running down the highway like he owned it!  Turned and gave us a look like we were in his space!  LOL

The trailer is really attracting a lot of attention!  What great advertising.  We have been giving out pamphlets all across Canada!!

We stopped for the night in Wawa Ontario.  There is no internet or cell service there, so this post is a day late.


May 11, 2011:

Wow!! What a beautiful place Wawa is.  There is a trading post that is really neat to see.  I have put some pictures below.  Our stay was in a room that was made out like a wood cabin.  It was really nice, if you like that stuff, which we really do.


Today we drove along Lake Superior.  You have no idea how large these lakes are until you actually see them.. It is like looking out into the ocean!  There is literally nothing out there!

We stopped at another trading post in Pancake Bay.  There is a wood carver in the area that does some amazing work.  See Below…


I am not sure who names some of these places.  We saw Dad Lake, Mom Lake, Orphan Lake and Good Child Lake!  Is there a story behind that you think??


There are also some really old homesteads along the way.  I have posted a couple cool pictures of some places around Massey, ON.



We arrived in Toronto at 11pm EST.  We have checked into the hotel and are finally enjoying a peaceful night and thoughts of being able to sleep in tomorrow and not having to drive all day!

Good night all!!


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR TRIP AND MEETING WITH THE DRAGONS.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for Friday.  We are scheduled for 12:00 noon to be at the studio.

May 13, 2011:

We had a great day at the Dragon's Den!! All of the staff, producers, and runners were all great people!  We had a blast!  Can't tell you how it turned out so you will have to keep checking back to find out when we air (if we air)!

I have posted a couple pictures below:


Here a a few shots in Toronto:

Hi Everyone!! We are back sorry there have been no postings.  We have had a lot of problems with our internet connection.  I will share some fun stuff though...

Here are some shots at Niagara Falls...


We went to Niagara on the lake to go Jet boating.  We went in the covered boat because the weather wasn't great.  Class 5 rapids up the Niagara river from Niagara on the Lake (on Lake Ontario)!!


The install we did in Toronto was fun!! The house was 99 years old.  The attic access had been closed off, there was 3 ceilings to cut through, and squirrels in the attic. 


We left Toronto on Friday to start our trip home.  The drive out of Ontario was the pretty much the same.  We did see a lot of wildlife including bears, dear, and moose. The best part of Ontario was White River where Winnie the Pooh was originally found. All of the street signs had the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh on them.


When we got to Winnipeg we started north to Saskatoon.  Again the Prairies were boring and FLAT! Finally arrived in Edmonton on Tuesday.  We stayed in Edmonton for a couple of days to visit with friends.  Our next stop was Dawson Creek, BC.  Mile 0 of the Alaska Hwy!  We were so very happy to be back in our own Province.  BC truly has everything!


After a tour through the museum and gift shops we were on the road again.  After a short drive we were in Chetwynd, BC.  This are of BC is so pretty and the town was really neat.  They had chainsaw carvings all over the town.


We spent the night in 100 Mile House and then stopped at Ashcroft Manor in Ashcroft, BC.  The Manor was built over 150 years ago and serviced all of the mining in the area.  There was a blacksmith shop as well and the original sod roof houses that the migrant Chinese workers slept in.


Finally we stopped at Alexandria Bridge, built in 1863.  After a 2 km hike we arrived at the original bridge that was built so that people could pass through the area with supplies and such.  The bridge was needed because of the cliffs in the raging Hell's Gate area.  You can still cross the old bridge by foot and continue on the path that the pioneers used with horse and carriage.


That was our last stop before arriving home.  Again, THANK YOU to everyone for your support and help with this adventure.  We can't tell you what happened on the show, but we will keep you all informed of when the episode will air if it does.


Paul and Kim Martens