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Odour Removing Toilet System 

How it Works   

The Aerosol Effect

Let's start with a couple of little-known facts about the health dangers that toilets cause:

There are 120 viruses in feces, so when a toilet is flushed, water particles with more than 25,000 virues particles and 600,000 bacteria are ejected from the toilet bowl and can travel up to 20 feet away from the toilet.

These particles will last several hours and have the potential, especially in public toilets, to cause disease. These water particles can contain bacteria such as salmonella, E.Coli or streptococcus.

Inhaling contaminated airborne particles is unhealthy for individuals or groups of people who use private bathrooms and public restrooms.

By closing the toilet lid you can help to eliminate the aerosol effect, however as shown in the following
video link, bacteria remains in the bowl for up to 4 hours. A second dispersal of these bacteria happens when you reopen a lid.

Articles regarding the bacteria dispersed from flushing the toilet:

USA Today article. (PDF opens in new page).
Softpedia Article - "Protect Your Toothbrush from Toilet Bacteria"

The Ventex System virtually removes these bacteria and prevents them from escaping the toilet bowl into the room. Check out
Our Fans.
» When the toilet is not being flushed, there is only water in the bowl and tank of the toilet.  
» We have developed a way using the
fresh flow valve and an air channel in the tank, to remove air from the bathroom via the flush rim of the bowl.
» Sitting on the toilet creates a low pressure area, allowing the system to remove all of the odour and bacteria directly from the bowl, thus not allowing it to spread into the room.
» Your conventional bathroom fan draws the odour and bacteria from the toilet bowl and spreads it throughout the room.
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