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Odour Removing Toilet System 


“I endorse the Ventex Bathroom System for several reasons; it works, it is affordable, and it fills a need.  We have them in our home and in our business.  We now are featuring Ventex in the Trethewey Tower because we believe it will soon be a standard feature in bathrooms since it works so well.”
David Froese,
Fraser Valley Steel & Wire Ltd.
Clearbrook, BC

“We at Cogg Holdings, search for ways to improve our condominium projects to suit our clientele.  After testing the product in my home I installed the system in our latest project.  I am confident that the market will be receptive on this improvement as I am a strong advocate of the System.”
Henry Matties,
Cogg Holdings
Clearbrook, BC

“The Ventex System installed in our office restroom has eliminated offensive odours.  It has also eliminated the need for air fresheners and overhead fans which sucked heat out of the building; another cost efficient improvement.  There has been considerable interest in our latest townhouse project…We would highly recommend the Ventex System in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects.”
Terry Enns,
Clearbrook Realty
Clearbrook, BC

“We installed the Ventex System in our special care unit washroom.  The system worked so well that we had to install it in our public washroom.  We would highly recommend that the Ventex system be installed in other care facilities.”
E. Martens, Administrator
Maplewood House Society
Abbotsford, BC

“We are pleased that we made the choice to put the Ventex System in our High-rise project.  It really works; we believe this feature is an asset to our project.”
John Voth,
Town Centre Tower
Clearbrook, BC

“After repeated requests for the Ventex System from customers purchasing our suites, we decided to feature them in ALL our future projects.  P.S. I most certainly would not want to go without this system in my home!”
Rudy Seimens,
Regency Park
Abbotsford, BC

“After putting this system in my home, and finding out how well it really works, my partners and I decided to put them in our next 58 unit Condominium project.  We have found that our new home owners really love them.”
Ron Funk,
Country Lane Estates
Abbotsford, BC

“The Ventex System has so effectively eliminated the problem that air fresheners, (also unpleasant in large quantities) are no longer needed.”
D.G. Brown, MAIBC
Killick Metz Bowen Rose
Architects Planners
Vancouver, BC